Zonare Z One Mini Convertible

Zonare Z One Mini Convertible For Sale


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Weighing only 110 pounds with in its easy to maneuver cart-based configuration,the Zonare z one mini Convertible is the ideal system where space and budget are a primary concern with it’s with ergonomic design and a low profile footprint. Whether in a crowded emergency department, private office, or interventional suite.The z.one mini Convertible is powered by Zonare’s 5 ½-pound Scan Engine system which is barely about the size of average laptop computer and the Scan Engine easily interchangeable with other variations of Zonare systems, which means by this excellent compatibility you can instantly take it from z one mini, switch and connect it to either the Zonare z one ultra or Zonare z one ultra SP.


  • 13” diagonal monitor
  • Small footprint of 20” x 18”
  • Full size QWERTY keyboard
  • Independent four-wheel movement
  • Weighs just 110 pounds
  • FastKey menus with six programmable presets
  • 512 MB storage with up to 8 GB of optional storage capacity


Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, OB-GYN, Vascular