Success in today’s global marketplace requires innovative solutions that are practical to implement and deliver real results. Our teams are focused on delivering measurable cost improvements to a Customer’s supply chain.

The TEK Medical System’s team understands that companies are under increasing pressure to reduce supply costs while maintaining quality and service levels. We are also sensitive to the risks that a poorly managed supply chain can bring. Navigating through these challenges requires access to people who have proven ability to pilot procurement organizations through this volatile and dynamic environment.

We help our Customers develop their supply chain in two ways. Firstly, we help build corporate capability in the management of suppliers. This allows the Customer to become self-sufficient in supplier relationship management. Our team will help supply chain executives and their teams develop and implement practical and innovative approaches to negotiating with and collaborating with suppliers.

Secondly, we help by directly supporting the negotiation and management of the supplier relationships. We do this by leveraging the TEK Medical Team of specialists who have actual experience of negotiation, relationship management, and change management all over the Globe for World-class organizations. Strategic sourcing has been an integral part of most supply chain models for decades. The essence of strategic sourcing is to create an environment where multiple vendors competing for a company’s spend drive down prices and drive up performance and services. But what about products and services where there are only a few providers, or where the product itself is so unique or highly specified that only a few suppliers can make it? Perhaps the item in question is custom built, complex to manufacture and purchased in low volumes making it difficult to get comparable competing bids. In many businesses, these categories of spend can be a significant portion of the total. What do these companies do?

The members of the TEK Medical Systems team have all held global senior roles in large North American corporations in the managements of suppliers and supply chain. They have proven track records in delivering the following services and producing substantial cost improvements:

  • Supply chain management

  • Low cost sourcing

  • Change management

  • Clean sheet analysis

  • Supplier evaluation and selection

  • Key Performance Indicators, performance improvement

  • Issue tracking and improvement plans

  • Quality and process audits

  • Optimization of the supply base

  • KPI

  • Supplier Selection

As a result of our services, we have helped our customers achieve hundreds of millions of dollars in bottom line savings while improving quality and service levels.






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