TEK Medical Systems has developed a strong portfolio of products and services to offer to the OEMs. Our team understands that OEMs have a need for third party support as products mature and age and even become End-of-Life or discontinued. TEK Medical Systems works with our OEM partners to develop programs around the following areas:

  • Strategic Sourcing: TEK Medical Systems becomes your strategic partner for aftermarket purchasing of finished goods and components. By leveraging our inventory of products and market access to over 100 qualified suppliers our customers can be certain that they have a knowledgeable and responsive partner.
  • Repair Services: TEK Medical provides both in-house and vendor management of repair services for in warranty and out of warranty repairs. OEMs that have TEK Medical Systems as a partner have the ability to have hard to repair items repaired, exchange when economics work and a network of repair partners that provide a full range of capabilities.
  • Product Removals: TEK Medical Systems has the expertise to professionally decommission and remove very large and complex medical devices and systems. Our teams of technicians are industry trained and understand how to remove and package sensitive equipment to not damage or degrade the systems.
  • Inventory Management/Spare Parts Management: Through our extensive network of partners TEK Medical has access to the largest stock of OEM devices and components globally, covering all the main technologies in the medical industry. The inventory is comprised of both Class-A New Products and Class-B Refurbished products ensuring we can provide inventory to match our customer cost targets.
  • A majority of TEK Medical Systems inventory is stored in a number of state of the art climate controlled warehouses located in the US and Canada. And for items we have in stock, we can offer same day shipment for most products. We can also consolidate inventory sourced from multiple locations providing a single shipment solution for our OEM customers.


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