Ultrasonix SonixOP

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The Ultrasonix SonixOP is a medium ranged color Doppler ultrasound machine designed for price sensitive buyers. The Sonix OP is optimized for the basic user needing good image quality, but requires a low-cost and lightweight ultrasound uses ranging from vascular, venous, OB/GYN, MSK, breast, urology, small parts, and general radiology. The SonixOP ultrasound machine provides really good image quality while also giving some of the unique advantages of the Ultrasonix systems as a cost effective solution. Key unique features on the SonixOP include the SonixDVR, internet connectivity for upgrades/support, optional battery power and its optional SonixGPS needle guidance and SonixHUB credentialing software. The Ultrasonix SonixOP is excellent system for those looking for a low-cost, high-resolution ultrasound that also happens to look apart.


  • 2D/M-Mode imaging modes
  • PW/Color/Power Doppler
  • FreeHand 3D
  • Triplex
  • SonixGPS Needle Guidance technology option
  • SonixDVR can record an entire exam to the hard drive
  • Optional battery for use up to 90 minutes
  • SonixHUB credentialing and billing
  • Internet connectivity
  • 17″ Flexible LCD display
  • High Frequency Transducers up to 14MHz
  • Multiple Data Ports: USB, Ethernet, Footswitch
  • DVI, RGB, VGA Video Connections
  • 17″ LCD Monitor
  • LCD Touchscreen


Abdominal, Anesthesia, Breast, Emergency Medicine, Endovaginal, General Imaging, General Radiology, Gynecology, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Obstetrics, Peripheral vascular, Small Parts, Urology, Vascular, Venous