Toshiba Viamo

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The Toshiba Viamo Portable ultrasound system empowers it’s users with features such as unrestricted point of care and diagnostic capabilities to patients without compromising accuracy and workflow. Utilizing a full range of high performance imaging functions and unprecedented ultrasound technologies, the Toshiba Viamo ultrasound unit can provide a more faster and accurate diagnosis at the same time allowing the clinicians to visualize small and minute tissue detail. Operating the Toshiba Viamo ultrasound machine is user friendly, easy for all users as this quality ultrasound includes individual key functions, a rotating monitor, and programmable touch screen capabilities among other features.


  • Advanced imaging functions including Pulse Subtraction THI
  • Bult-in touch screen
  • rotating monitor
  • Individual and programmable key functions
  • One touch QuckScan
  • SonoSet function
  • DICOM connectivity and IHE compliance
  • AplilPure real-time compounding
  • Directional Power ADF
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • TwinView capabilities


Abdomen, Bariatric Imaging, Emergency Medicine, General Radiology, OB-GYN, Portable, Vascular Imaging