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The SonoSite MicroMaxx is the best portable ultrasound machine for any veterinary procedures and can be considered the easiest-to-use among other, high level quality vet ultrasound system. With outstanding durability being the most attractive aspect with commonly known features of a SonoSite MicroMaxx vet, its high image quality is exceptional good for all veterinary applications. Ranging from small pets to large farm animals, the SonoSite Micromaxx offers a portable shared service ultrasound solution that can provide great images for full-body veterinary examinations. The MicroMaxx veterinary portable ultrasound incorporates transducers with frequencies ranging from 2.0 MHz to 13.0MHz and a full suite of transducers including a linear rectal transducers. Some key features includes operator friendly, battery powered, and probes appropriate for the veterinary practice.


  • 2D/M-Mode/Directional Color Power Doppler
  • Power Doppler2X Pan
  • Zoom Tissue Harmonic Imaging Broadband,
  • multi frequency imaging128 Imaging channels
  • Cine review Mini-Dock available for expanded connectivity options
  • Fully Digital DICOMNo-Frills, high quality imaging Up to 4 hours battery life on a full charge

Broadband Transducers Supported:

  • C60e/5-2 MHz 60 mm curved array
  • HFL38/13-6 MHz 25 mm linear array
  • ICT/8-5 MHz 11 mm interactivity array
  • L38e/10-5 MHz 38 mm linear array
  • P17/5-1 MHz 17 mm phased array
  • TEE/8-3 MHz phased array

System Accesories:

  • Mobile Docking System (MDS)
  • MDS Litemini-dock Triple Transducer
  • Connect power fupply battery ECG
  • cable video & printer cables SiteLink Image Master 3.0 Software
  • System Medical Grade Peripherals:
  • printer VCRDVD