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The SonoSite iLook ultrasound machine is one of the smallest, lightweight, portable, hand-held ultrasound machine with black and white and Color Power Doppler imaging (angio). Designed for point-of-care, the SonoSite iLook ultrasound machine is known for vascular access, abdominal imaging, needle guidance, PICC lines, and general cardiac imaging. The SonoSite iLook consists of two probes, a microconvex and 25mm linear probe. Designed for quick-look diagnostics in hospitals and other clinical settings in demand of a fast and reliable ultrasound solution with a user friendly interface. The iLook usage include emergency room, radiology, intensive care, and surgical recovery. Thoughtfully designed for clinicians to get quick access to veins and arteries. With striking image quality it is very good for PICC Lines and other vascular access needs with simple and quick diagnostics. Without any complicated or extraneous controls. perfect for the consumer because its low on cost and high in usability.


  • 2D
  • Color power Doppler
  • Tissue Harmonics (c15 probe)
  • Vascular, cardiac, superficial, abdominal imaging
  • Touch-screen input
  • 5″ TFT display
  • Up to 60 frames/second
  • Storage of up to 74 images
  • Fully digital

Cine review

  • Export to PC
  • 30-60 minutes run-time on fully charged battery
  • Composite video out
  • Available system stand
  • MicroConvex and linear transducers


Abdominal, Emergency Medicine, General Imaging, Peripheral vascular, Portable, Radiology, Surgery, Vascular, Venous