SIUI Apogee 3500 Omni

SIUI Apogee 3500 Omni For Sale


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The SIUI Apogee 3500 Omni ultrasound equipment provides the user with a more detailed analysis of cardiac flow and structure movements. Increase the scale at large for efficiency of B mode with a simple click of one button. 4D Mode is combined with the color flow Doppler which provides you with exceptional quality images.


  • Multiple 4D Imaging
  • Smart Image Mode Display
  • Built-in ECG
  • Stress Echo
  • Auto IMT
  • Anatomical M Mode
  • Color M Mode
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
  • Broadband Harmonic Imaging
  • Advanced Cardio-vascular Kits
  • Frequency Spectrum Compound Imaging


Abdominal, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, Small Parts