Siemens Sonoline Antares

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The Sonoline Antares ultrasound system is top of the line premium and performance packed solution that will exceed all clinical exceptions with ease. While offering fully integrated outstanding premium capabilities including superb 2D, 3D, 4D and Doppler imaging. It is guaranteed that Diagnostic confidence will be increased 10% when using its efficient natural user interface, instant 4D imaging access, seamless transition between functions while providing remarkable patient management.


  • Maximum Information Signal Acquisition(MISA) Beamformation
  • GigaProcessing Technology
  • Patented Precision Up-Sampling Technology
  • Core Acoustic Performance
  • Crescendo Multi-Dimensional Image Processor
  • Innovative ErgoDynamic Design
  • DIMAQ-IP Integrated Workstation
  • Crescendo™ Multi-Dimensional Image Processor


Abdominal, OB-GYN, Obstetrics, Vascular