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The Philips Sparq is a modern and compact full-shared service ultrasound machine for point-of-care ultrasound imaging and emergency medicine. It is Philips’ first major step-up from the traditional to modern user-interface. It features a complete and responsive touch-panel free from knobs or buttons. It also includes a PureWave TEE transesophageal probe.
Responding to situations in which limited input is required to use the machine, the used Philips Sparq is designed for optimized ergonomics, ease-of-use, superb image quality, and efficiency in the exam room. The Sparq incorporates Philips top imaging technologies, including XRES, SonoCT, and a huge 17″ High Resolution LCD monitor. The Sparq boasts of having modern features found in new ultrasound machines but retains ergonomics and ease-of-use that Philips is known for.


  •  2-D, M-Mode, Anatomical M-Mode
  • PW/CW/Color/HPRF/Power Doppler
  • iScan
  • SonoCT Compound imaging
  • XRES eXtreme RESolution
  • Simplified interface
  • Procedure automation
  • AutoSCAN image optimization and automation
  • Simplicity Mode
  • 17″ articulating LCD monitor
  • Height-adjustable interface
  • Exam Dashboard for quick-start imaging
  • Needle Visualization needle enhancement
  • Duplex and Triplex imaging
  • Tissue Doppler imaging
  • iScan
  • Auto SCAN
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Live Compare
  • Smart Exam system-guided protocols
  • Cine Loop review
  • 5 USB ports
  • Integrated CD/DVD RW


Anesthesia, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Intraoperative Procedures, Musculoskeletal, TEE, Vascular