Philips ClearVue 650

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The Philips ClearVue 650 his is a shared service ultrasound machine that is an upgrade to the Philips ClearVue 550 ultrasound. It adds 4D and two
volume transducers to its predecessor.
The refurbished ClearVue 650 features full 4D live obstetric transabdominal imaging capabilities, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, XRES, SonoCT, panoramic imaging, 4 transducer ports, and a 17″ high resolution monitor with an articulating arm.  With all these technologies, the higher-cost of the Philips ClearVue 650 is justified.
The ClearVue 650 is for clinicians who needs good 4D performance and advanced feature-set.


  •  4D ultrasound imaging
  • Two transabdominal convex ultrasound transducers
  • Tilt-and-Swivel 17″ High Resolution LCD
  • SonoCT Compound Imaging
  • Panoramic
  • 4 transducer ports
  • Simplified Interface
  • Lightweight transducers
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • 2D, M-Mode, Anatomical M-Mode
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • PW/Color/Power Angio Doppler
  • HPRF PW Doppler
  • 3 USB Ports
  • internal Hard Drive
  • CW Doppler Option
  • Duplex, Triplex
  • HD Zoom
  • XRES eXtreme Resolution speckle reduction imaging
  • Cineloop review of ultrasound images
  • Integrated multi-session CD/DVD Drive
  • Ethernet port




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