Philips ClearVue 550

Philips ClearVue 550 For Sale


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The refurbished ClearVue 550 ultrasound machine is an upgrade from the Philips ClearVue 350.  It features a more compact from with better image resolution.
The ClearVue 550 adds panoramic imaging and 4 transducer ports, SonoCT, and an articulating arm to the 17″ high resolution monitor – features that aren’t found in its predecessor. These added technologies justify the additional price added to the cost.
For those looking for a very good mid-range ultrasound machine that has a wide frequency range and very good image quality, the Philips ClearVue 550 is a good choice.


  • Tilt-and-Swivel 17″ High Resolution LCD
  • SonoCT Compound Imaging
  • Panoramic
  • 4 transducer ports
  • Simplified Interface
  • Lightweight transducers
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • 2D, M-Mode, Anatomical M-Mode
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • PW/Color/Power Angio Doppler
  • HPRF PW Doppler
  • 3 USB Ports
  • internal Hard Drive
  • CW Doppler Option
  • Duplex, Triplex
  • HD Zoom
  • XRES eXtreme Resolution speckle reduction imaging
  • Cineloop review of ultrasound images
  • Integrated multi-session CD/DVD Drive
  • Ethernet port


Abdominal, Anesthesia, Breast, Cardiac, Cardiovascular Imaging, Endovaginal, Gynecology, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Obstetrics, Peripheral vascular, Small Parts, Thyroid, Vascular