Mindray DP-8800Plus

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The Mindray DP-8800Plus ultrasound machine produces outstanding black and white images for the accurate diagnosis.
It features a 128-frame cine loop, image processing adjustments, and two transducer parts – capabilities for a broad range of applications including OB-GYN.  Because of its compactness, it makes a versatile ultrasound unit for general measurement and calculation.
The Mindray DP-8800Plus ultrasound is for clinicians who want a budget-friendly machine without sacrificing image quality.


  •  black and white imaging
  • broad applications
  • multi-frequency transducers
  • 128 frame cine loop
  • dual probe ports
  • built in imaging archive
  • imaging processing asjustment
  • digital beam forming




Abdomen, Endo-cavity, Interventional Procedures, OB-GYN, Orthopedic, Small Parts, Urology