Mindray DP-6600

Mindray DP-6600 For Sale


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Mindray offers professionals with versatility, portability, and a good black and white imaging solution in their The Mindray DP-6600 model.  Weighing just about 25 pounds, you can take Mindray DP-6600 with you to provided services outside your usual work-place.  The Mindray DP-6600 Ultrasound System is portable, ergonomical, and has a cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality
imaging for accurate diagnostics no matter where you take it.


  • 10″ non interlaced monitor
  • Tissue Specific Imaging
  • Digital beam-former
  • two probe conntector
  • Multi-language function
  • Buit in storage for 90 images
  • 256-frame CINE loop
  • Frequency up to 10MHZ




Abdomen, OB-GYN, Orthopedic Imaging, Pediatric, Portable, Small Parts, Urology