Hitachi Hi Vision 5500

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For professionals looking for an affordable but fully digital ultrasound system with advanced features, the Hitachi HI VISION 5500 should be highly considered. This system it offers a variety of time-saving and user-friendly features. Though it is one of the most powerful and fastest on the crowded ultrasound market today, it is more affordable than many similar models.


  • 12 bit Gigasampling A/D for precise signal reproduction
  • Windows XP operating system
  • Optional 3D imaging capability
  • WideView panoramic imaging (optional)
  • Third generation color artifact suppression
  • Built-in measurement and equation editor
  • Three modes of dTHI (dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging)


3D, Abdominal, Breast, Cardiac, OB-GYN, Small Parts, Stress Echo, Vascular