Hitachi EUB-525 F

Hitachi EUB-525 F For Sale


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If you cannot afford to step-up to a full-size system but want to upgrade from entry-level ultrasound system, then the Hitachi EUB-525 F ultrasound machine is one of your top choices.  It features a variety of scanning modes including M-mode, Doppler, B-mode, Color Flow and Color Angiography.  The Hitachi EUB-525 F also has a 15” monitor and membrane style keyboard with several one-touch keys for speedy, efficient, and accurate operation.


  • 15” monitor
  • B-mode, M-mode, Doppler, Color Flow and Color Angiography imaging
  • Membrane style keyboard
  • One-touch keys for fast, efficient operation
  • Toggle keys and intelligent key system
  • 200 degree field of view


Abdominal, Cardiac, OB-GYN, Peripheral vascular, Urology