GE Voluson 730 Expert

GE Voluson 730 Expert For Sale


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The Voluson 730 Expert, 4D ultrasound machine that is the best in its class provided by GE. It can achieve up to 40 volumes per second rate of acquisition and production of volumetric images in real time. Some of its’ key features are namely; CrossXBeam, Speckle Reduction Imaging, Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI), Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC). The Voluson 730 Expert can be now be used by clinicians for better yields.


  • STIC Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation
  • TUI Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging
  • HD-Flow Bi-directional power Doppler
  • Bflow, CrossXBeam
  • SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Ergonomic, lightweight 4D transducers
  • Real-Time 4D imaging
  • 4D Volume Contrast Imaging
  • VOCAL volumetric calculations
  • Compound Resolution Imaging
  • 3D Surface rendering
  • Magicut, SonoView II
  • 3D Power Doppler


OB-GYN, Small Parts, Urology, Vascular, Voluson