GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine

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The revamped GE Logiq e vet for bovine and equine studies is a top-notch ultrasound system. Commonly applied in cardiology and equine sports medicine, the machine also facilitates in reproduction in bovine, equine, and swine. The machine is readily available in the market and a revamped one can be found with such capabilities for Speckle Reduction Imaging, CrossXBeam, a wide variety of transducers, DICOM, and CW Doppler for cardiac veterinary ultrasound imaging. The revamped GE Logiq e vet for bovine and equine is a dedicated ultrasound machine for farm animals, bovine, equine and swine.


  • 15″ LCDApproximately 10lbsRear handleVersatile and shared-services with CW Doppler optionCrossXBeam compound imaging (as option)SRI Speckle Reduction imaging (as option)Includes full set of applications and calculationsCoded Harmonic ImagingMore customizable than many of its competitorsTrackball allows for easier measurements than trackpad systems
  • PW/Color/Power DopplerCW Doppler option available for cardiology
  • Imaging Modes
  • B ModeM ModeAnatomical M ModeColor DopplerPower DopplerPulsed Wave DopplerContinuous Wave DopplerTHI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)ATO (Automatic Tissue Optimization)
  • Imaging Features
  • Raw data processingVirtual ConvexCrossXBeamB Sterr+Speckle Reduction ImagingComfortScan & SmartScanLOGIQview panoramic imagingFull Analysis packages
  • Storage & Other Attributes
  • 80 GB HDDVD-RW & 2 USB PortsOnboard patient managementImage archivingCINE loopDICOMLightweight (4kg)
  • Supported Probe
  • Convex probe 4C-RS (2-5.5 mhz)Linear probe 8L-RS (4-12 mhz)Linear probe 12L-RS (5-13 mhz)Linear probe 16L-RS (8-16MHz)Phased array probe 3S-RS (1.5-4 mhz)Microconvex probe 8C-RS (4-10 mhz)