Fukuda Denshi FFsonic UF-4100

Fukuda Denshi FFsonic UF-4100 For Sale


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The Fukuda Denshi UF-4100 is a versatile portable ultrasound system which is a perfect desktop style machine. it comes with black and white imaging and a hardwired probe and it can be deployed to diverse clinical environment. Its key role is in Cardiovascular and OB/GYN diagnostic testing. Also it is worth noting it has excellent image control functions like zoom, image processing and variable focus zones and equipped with large track ball that makes it easier to operate.


  • Multi-Frequency Function enables selection of 3 frequencies in each Transducer
  • High-End image Control Function as Zoom, Image Processing, and Variable Focal Zones
  • Built-in Large Track Ball allows ease of use
  • B, B/B, M, and B/M Mode display
  • General Calculation Package for OB, Distance, Area, Volume, and Cardiovascular
  • OB Calculation shown on report page
  • Wide Band, High sensitivity New optional probes


Abdominal, Cardiology, Endo-cavity, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Small Parts, Vascular