Fukuda Denshi FFcardio UF-750XT

Fukuda Denshi FFcardio UF-750XT For Sale


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The Fukuda Denshi FFCardio UF-750XT is an excellent ultrasound machine which is exceptionally portable and flexible to be used in any given environment at any one time. It comes with software that runs the imaging machine for much needed accuracy and efficiency. With great color Doppler display, the machine also is equipped with a high resolution SVGA screen.


  • Fully software controlled Image Processing (F-XT technology)
  • Color Doppler & Power Doppler display available
  • Autofocus function for transmission
  • High-resolution SVGA display
  • Cine memory with 128 frames
  • Wide band Probe for multi frequency function
  • 6-step STC adjustment
  • DICOM-compatible Ethernet port
  • 3.5-inch 640MB drive for image filing


Abdomen, Cardiology, OB-GYN