Fukuda Denshi FFcardio FCU-2000

Fukuda Denshi FFcardio FCU-2000 For Sale


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The Fukuda Denshi FFCardio FCU-2000 is a great ultrasound scanner embedded with electrocardiograph. Its’ a machine that takes mobility into consideration. This portable ‘hybrid’ comes handy for dual diagnostic testing in diverse settings.


  • Realizes Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging and 12-lead ECG examination with one unit
  • Large 10.4-inch TFT color LCD adopted
  • Cine memory of maximum 64 frames is available
  • Four types of Color Scale Imaging facilitate identification of delicate signals
  • High Frame Rate mode powerfully supports the Cardiovascular region
  • Image data filing in IC card for data management and for easy comparison with past data
  • M mode continuous recording available with 3-ch ECG data from the cine memory
  • A highly precise and quality printer is integrated
  • Enhanced 12-lead ECG analysis report provided
  • Hybrid and compact design ensures space saving


Cardiology, Fetal Imaging, Vascular