Fukuda Denshi CFsonic UF-7700

Fukuda Denshi CFsonic UF-7700 For Sale


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The Fukuda Denshi Cfsonic UF-7700 present s an array of sophisticated task and offers superior quality images as well as better Doppler information. It is designed to meet great standards of user friendliness while still being a high end machine with key features such as auto Doppler trace measuring capability, auto focus with pan and zoom and an 15 inch RGB monitor.


  • Multi Freqency Imaging : Up to 4 frequency selectable on each probe
  • Bi-Direction Power Doppler mode with new CFM display
  • Color Scale Imaging for B-mode, M-mode, Doppler mode
  • Automatic Focusing Function allows for an optimized image with PAN & ZOOM
  • Auto Doppler Trace measuring capability
  • Non-interlaced 15-inch RGB monitor
  • 128ch Beam Former With a variety of advanced functions, the
  • CFsonic UF-7700 provides high-resolution images and enhanced Doppler
  • information. The high-end system allows to enjoy the multiple features
  • through the excellent user interface. It establishes a new high-quality
  • imaging environment.


Abdominal, Cardiovascular Imaging, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, TEE