Esaote MyLab Five

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The used Esaote MyLab Five is Esaote’s is an exceptional portable ultrasound machine that comes at a cheaper price. It can be revamped to have the shared-service capabilities and can work with more than 25 transducers therefore broadening its scope of applications. The MyLab Five carries along some of Esaote’s premium imaging technologies, such as XView and Tissue Enhancement imaging. More so, its frequency probes are some of the highest as far as ultrasound machines are concerned and also consist of a 15″ LCD monitor.


  • 2D/M-Mode/Anatomical M-Mode
  • PW/Color Doppler and Color Power Doppler
  • CW Doppler option
  • TEI Tissue Enhanced Imaging (Tissue Harmonics Imaging)
  • Cine Review
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • CMM Compass M-Mode Anatomical M-Mode
  • XStrain Myocardial Strain imaging and myocardial velocity
  • Integrated Stress Echo Option
  • USB ports
  • Ethernet port RJ45
  • DVD/CD-RW option
  • Network Storage
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • 15″ high resolution TFT LCD
  • Full-Size Keyboard
  • RF-QIMT Quality Intima Thickness for early detection of cardiovascular diseases
  • Calipers for Nuchal Thickness (Nuchal Translucency)
  • Multiplane TEE Transesophageal probe
  • More than 25 transducers available, including endovaginal and rectal transducers
  • Integrated battery option


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