Esaote MyLab 30 Gold

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The revamped Esaote MyLab Gold is a sophisticated ultrasound machine developed for cardiovascular oriented necessities and it’s a portable ultrasound system. As a remake of the well-known Biosound MyLab 30CV, it includes capabilities such as Auto Ejection Fraction and compound imaging technologies. Used Esaote MyLab 30 Gold ultrasound device is built with transducers which arguably have some of the highest frequency ranges. As a result they are ideal for MSK and rheumatology and a wide range of superficial imaging wants. To help with cardiovascular operations, there are a selection of linear and phased array probes, and includes integrated Stress Echo, laparoscopic, and TEE transesophageal transducers.


  • 2D/M-Mode/Anatomical M-Mode
  • PW/CW/Color Doppler and Color Power Doppler
  • TEI Tissue Enhanced Imaging (Tissue Harmonics Imaging)
  • Cine Review
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • CMM Compass M-Mode Anatomical M-Mode
  • VPan Panoramic Imaging
  • XView real-time speckle reduction imaging
  • MView Compound Imaging
  • XStrain Myocardial Strain imaging and myocardial velocity
  • CnTI® Contrast Tuned Imaging
  • Integrated Stress Echo
  • USB ports
  • Ethernet port RJ45
  • Integrated CD/RW
  • Network Storage
  • Wireless connectivity capability
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • 15″ high resolution TFT flat screen with 170° viewing angle
  • Full-Size Keyboard
  • BioPACS Org@nizer mini-PACS architecture
  • Qontrast® Contrast Enhanced Examinations
  • RF-QIMT Quality Intima Thickness for early detection of cardiovascular diseases
  • Calipers for Nuchal Thickness (Nuchal Translucency)
  • Cine ultrasound image review
  • Multiplane TEE Transesophageal probe
  • AutoEF Automatic Ejection Fraction Calculation
  • Up to 28 transducers available, including endovaginal and rectal transducers
  • 3D-4D VRA counting
  • X4D real-time for advanced 3D/4D OB/GYN imaging in volumetric scanning (with advanced ob/gyn option)


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