Biosound Caris and Caris Plus

Biosound Caris and Caris Plus For Sale


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The Biosound Caris and Caris Plus has taken traditional ultrasound solutions to the next level by their sleek design to facilitate portability. These machines are by far more efficient and mobile high performance CFM ultrasound system compared to others in the market. They come with state of the art microelectronics and wide band multi-frequency 2D technology that can be put into use at any one time or anywhere.


  • Sensitive color and spectral Doppler capabilities
  • Color and power flow mapping
  • TEI (harmonics)
  • Transducer frequencies up to 10 MHz
  • PW/CW, Color Doppler
  • Stress Echo


Abdominal, Cardiac, OB-GYN, Portable, Vascular