Biosound AU3

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The Biosound AU3 is a 2D machine that comes with high resolution, multi-frequency 2-10Mhz imaging and steerable PW/CW color Doppler. The system is portable and there can be moved around in cases where resources are average. The Biosound AU3 is an excellent system that can be deployed in clinical operations such as echocardiography and stress echo, cerebral vascular and peripheral vascular, and general imaging like abdominal, OB/Gyn, urology, and breast diagnostic testing.


  • 2D
  • M-Mode
  • Color Flow
  • Steerable PW/CW Doppler
  • ASIC Electronic Technology
  • 16 frame Cine loop
  • 12 MB memory
  • Dimensions: NA
  • Weight: 45 lbs


Abdominal, Cardiac, OB-GYN, Portable, Small Parts, Vascular