ATL HDI 5000

ATL HDI 5000 For Sale


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The Philips HDI 5000 sets a new benchmark for diagnostic ultrasounds.  It features SonoCT Real-Time Compound Imaging – a breakthrough in panoramic image quality. It delivers unparalleled capabilities by any other ultrasound system.
The ATL HDI 5000 has an amped-up processing power and a revamped user-friendly ergonomics along with its advances in imaging technology.  It is a no-brainer choice for professionals looking for the best in imaging, user comfort, and processing power.


  • HD Digital Broadband Beamformer, and zoom
  • 512 Digital Processed Broadband Channels
  • Quicksave User defined presets
  • Cineloop (up to 800 frames)
  • Microfine Greyscale, and Broadband Flow Color Imaging
  • M-Mode, and Color Flow
  • CW and PW Doppler
  • Color Power Angio, and Triplex Imaging
  • Chroma Colorization Imaging
  • Easy to operate graphical user interface
  • SuperKey function
  • Dimensions: Height 61 in., Width 28.1 in., Depth 38.3 in. 480 lbs


Abdominal, Advanced Breast Imaging, Cardiac, Neonatal, OB-GYN, Pediatric Cardiac, Small Parts, Stress Echo, TEE, Transcranial Doppler, Vascular, Venous