Aloka SSD-900

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Portability should never serve as an excuse for anyone to forego the numerous hardware and software advancements. The Aloka SSD-900 portable ultrasound system is the real time solution for everyone dreaming of achieving remarkable images of superior quality all in a very portable package. The system employs the use of the technological design characteristics of the Aloka’s most current professional edge and expertise. The 15-channel user-programmable preset functions, annotation labeling , and a diverse measurement system are part of the makings of the Aloka SSD-900 ultrasound unit.


  • High Density Transducers
  • Standard Linear Scanning and Convex Sector
  • Automatic B-gain Control
  • Image Processing Select
  • Full range of measurement and calculation functions
  • Retractable keyboard
  • Image Select Profile
  • 15 channel user programmable presets
  • 256 grayscale levels


Abdominal, Endovaginal, OB-GYN