Acuson X500

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For clinicians and practitioners looking for precision and undisputable accuracy in ultrasound imaging, the Acuson X500 refurbished ultrasound system is the best option. Considered as the ultimate ultrasound system for quality and accurate imaging, the Acuson X500 comes with a wide range of features and functions that include volumetric imaging capabilities, remarkable versatility and modern imaging technologies. The machine also has a 17” flat screen for clear cut display and can be adjusted to suit the convenience of the user.


  • Ergonomic Design with adjustable control panel
  • 17″ Flat panel adjustable monitor
  • Streamlined Clinical Workflow
  • Progtammable shortcuts
  • Tissue Grayscal optimization technology
  • Customizable Hard Keys
  • 4D imaging capabilities


Abdomen, Breast, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine, Intraoperative Procedures, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Stress Echo, TEE, Testicular, Thyroid, Vascular