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The Acuson P10 is a handheld pocket-sized portable ultrasound machine. A diagnostic and screening tool designed for instant diagnosis in cardiology, primary care and emergency departments. It comes equipped with an integrated phased array probe that is ideal for triage and a quick, easy look at internals of a patient to determine the best course of action. For cardiac diagnostics the Acuson P10 provides physicians for a quick look at cardiac anatomy and function. The uAcuson P10 pocket-sized portable ultrasound machine is small, lightweight, user friendly and can be operated with one hand while the images can be easily stored or transferred via SD card, USB port or network disk location. The Acuson P10 with it’s very specific purposes and use. It is mainly designed for quick and easy use in an emergency medicine, cardiology, ICU and OB/GYN situations a quick view of anatomy and tissue. It loaded with a PDA like interface. The Acuson P10 ultrasound unit is one of a kind product designed to increase users efficiency when evaluating patients and determining a course of there treatment.


  • Cine Review
  • Adjustable Gain
  • TGO Tissue Gain Optimization
  • Application presets for cardiac, abdominal, and obstetric imaging
  • Patient/study data storage and retrieval
  • Caliper and Ellipse measurements (2 calipers and one ellipse per frame)
  • Pre-Defined annotations
  • 2-4 MHz integrated phased array transducer
  • Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card slot
  • PDA-style User Interface
  • Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • USB port
  • Docking station
  • Additional batteries available as option


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