Acuson CV70

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The latest version of the Acuson CV70 comes with remarkable cardiology abilities. The machine is a full digital system with powerful functionalities and is in fact an ideal option for cardiologists who often serve a significant number of patients on a daily basis. With remarkable Doppler sensitivity, outstanding imaging amidst a diversity of other breathtaking features, the Acuson CV70 is a perfect ultrasound machine that resonates with the most modern clinical needs.


  • DIMAQ™ integrated ultrasound workstation
  • DICOM connectivity
  • MultiBeam Image Formation
  • Wideband transducer technology with MultiHertz™ multiple frequency imaging technology
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Axius™ edge assisted Ejection Fraction for faster and more consistent quantification


Adult Cardiac, Intraoperative Procedures, Pediatric Cardiac, Stress Echo, TEE, Vascular